Writing A Top-Quality 5 Paragraph Argumentative Essay About Music

Essay writing can be very different depending on the topics and subjects. Writing about music isn’t as challenging as it seems at first. When you get an assignment, you have to jump straight to choosing an appropriate topic and then determine your structure.

Topics for the Best Essay on Music with a Persuasive Tone

  1. Is it true that anyone can create music? There are plenty of arguments about this and people are still unsure if the ability to create good music comes from genes and nature or it is a skill that can be learned. You can find many different arguments and case studies on each side, so try to choose one side and persuade your reader of your viewpoint.
  2. Your preferences in music show your intellectual abilities. Accept or refute this statement. There are plenty of studies about this, and different beliefs surrounding it. You can even try to conduct your own research and try to place people on a scale based on their intellectual abilities and musical preferences. What do you believe about this?
  3. Many bands or singers are overrated. This is quite a popular topic and you can transform it into something you like, e.g., you might argue that the Beatles or Mozart are overrated. If you don’t want to write a lot yourself, choose a side and get a custom essay that will prove your viewpoint.
  4. Listening to music while studying improves focus and concentration. Many parents are strictly against listening to music while studying, and many teachers agree. However, many students do this quite often and some even want listening to music to be allowed during tests to relieve the tension. What do you think about that? What’s your case?
  5. Music can help people battle depression. There are some therapists who believe that drugs, hypnosis or other stimulants are not the answer to the issue of depression. Instead, they prefer music, especially mellow and indie music, as it helps people relax. Is this a good method?
  6. Some peoples have inclinations towards one type of music. Can you say that Italians are the best for opera, Americans are the kings of pop and African-Americans are gods of jazz? What can explain this belief?
  7. Musical education improves your cognitive abilities. This topic would require also some knowledge of behavioral studies and biology, so you might want to hire an essay writer for this one.
  8. It should be free to download music. Can you actually make this argument?
  9. Can music be a motivator for war? Some German military marches or IRA marches are referred to as powerful tools for recruiting. Is that true? Can music boost person’s abilities or make them more aggressive and hostile?
  10. Can you say that music has evolved? If you take modern music and compare it to what we had prior to that, is it possible that music has evolved? Or is it more similar to degeneration? Is there some sort of a cycle?

Breaking down a 5-Paragraph Essay

Your next step is to choose a structure for your paper and if the task says “5 paragraph”, that only leaves you one option. You have to start with your introduction, where you describe what you’re writing about and pick a side, refining your thesis statement. Once you’re done with this, you can jump into drafting the main body. There are 3 simple paragraphs, each one of those should start with a clearly presented argument about your cause. Then, you present your evidence, where you don’t have limitations. Your conclusion should be precise and clear; you could even try to make an intelligent guess about the future and offer your prediction.

It’s relatively easy to craft an essay about music. While at first it seems that music is a very limited field, it involves so much more. There is plenty of research in this field as well, so you can always find good arguments to support any side that you choose.

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