A Detailed Manual On How To Write A TOK Essay

During the International Baccalaureate studies, you’ll often engage in essay writing activities. One of such tasks will be to write a Theory of Knowledge (TOK) paper. In order to succeed in this assignment, you’ll have to follow the right steps.

Best Writing Help: How to Compose a TOK Essay

  1. Choose a topic.
  2. In your paper, you’ll have to compare different ways of knowing with different areas of knowledge, such as mathematics, human sciences, ethics, and so on. You’ll have to choose a topic from a list of prescribed topics provided by your teacher. Before you choose your topic, make sure you clearly understand what this topic requires from you, have a real interest in this topic, and can say something relevant about it.

  3. Study your topic.
  4. To provide a strong analysis of the chosen issue in your paper, you should conduct research on it first. Use the Internet to find the materials which will contain the needed information.

  5. Outline your essay.
  6. Once you’ve conducted your study, you should plan how your paper will be structured. A good way to structure your TOK essay is to start it with a clear introduction in which you’ll explain the knowledge issue under review, continue it with two paragraphs that will present your main argument and counter-argument (with supporting examples,) and finish it with a strong conclusion based on the provided information.

  7. Write your paper.
  8. Your academic work should consist of 1200-1600 words. Make sure to meet these limits and follow your outline at the same time. Write in a formal tone but avoid using too many dictionary definitions. Cite the sources you quote in the text of your essay following the MLA style guidelines.

  9. Edit your essay.
  10. Revise your paper several times to spot and correct all your mistakes. Also, you can read your essay out loud to check whether all your sentences sound strong and clear. If some of your phrasings are awkward, it’s advisable to rewrite them.

Finding a Competent Essay Writer for Hire

If you aren’t sure whether you can write a good TOK essay on your own, you can hire somebody else to deal with this assignment for you. On job boards, there should be a lot of freelancers who will agree to write your paper for money. Before you hire a freelance academic writer, however, you should make certain they’re reliable. Otherwise, you might spend your money in vain. Here are the tips for you to follow when selecting a writer:

  • Check their education.
  • To write a strong TOK essay for you, a freelancer should have a degree that implies they have excellent academic writing skills. If a writer doesn’t have a proper degree or refuses to tell you anything about their education, it’s not advisable to deal with them.

  • Check their experience.
  • It’s not recommended to pass your task of writing a TOK essay to an inexperienced freelancer. They might make some mistakes in your paper. Before hiring a writer, look at their resume to make sure they’re a seasoned professional.

  • Check their sample papers.
  • Freelancers who earn money by writing essays of high-quality should have some sample papers to share with their potential clients. The examples of competent writers should be well-written and properly formatted.

  • Check their guarantees.
  • A freelance writer who isn’t going to scam you should give official assurances for constructing a contract with them. Freelancers who offer no guarantees for hiring them are likely to render low-quality services.

Now, you know how to organize your work to write a TOK essay worthy of an excellent grade. Also, you’ve learned how to find a competent writer to compose your paper if you won’t be able to do this by yourself.

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