Tutorial On Creating A Powerful Essay About Romeo And Juliet

Shakespeare isn’t the most modern author and his writings are far from being the simplest. Even as the whole world is still reading Romeo and Juliet, students need some essay help when it comes to essays on the topic. Interpreting Shakespearian symbolism is hard even for the experienced academics, but a few tips could help you in writing a top-notch paper.

Tips for Creating a Strong Romeo and Juliet Paper

  • Use guides and interpretations. Don’t reinvent the wheel when there are plenty of guides out there; you don’t have to sit and think about certain phrases and what those mean. Whenever you can make your life easier, do it and don’t hesitate. If you can find custom essays that explain something, you should use those too. Plus, it is really hard to find evidence to your points, and in those guides you will have everything ready.
  • Make sure you got your task right. Before you start choosing your topic, you have to understand your task. There are tasks that tell you have to compare things (e.g., two families), there are others in which you just have to stick to your subject (e.g., love, feminism, fate, etc.). Before you actually start, make sure you’ve got everything right.
  • Use devices and quotes to make up your point. Don’t try to just use your own words; that won’t get you a high score. Whenever you’re writing on a poem or a play you have to quote things (even if it’s not a requirement). When you’re making a point, choose a quote showcasing it. Also, learn about literary devices as they will make your essay sound more professional.

Choosing a Topic to Make Your Essay Writing on Romeo and Juliet Easier

  • Analyzing gender roles. There are many interesting things to discuss here. It’s clear that Tybalt is the depiction of a man and macho qualities in the play whereas Romeo is much more feminine and passive. If you wish, you could also discuss the feminism of Juliet, as she is quite a provocative, spontaneous and decisive character in the play.
  • Analyzing the role of fate and death. Are Romeo and Juliet a star-crossed couple? Was it obvious that fate is upon them and they will never be together? What is the meaning of fate and fatalism in the play?
  • Mercutio and his meaning in Romeo and Juliet. He was said to be one of the greatest Shakespearian characters, even though he dies really early and is not the main character. Analyze his monologue and discuss the meaning of his death.
  • What makes this story unique? There have been so many love stories before and after this play. What makes this one special?
  • Choose a monologue and discuss its peculiarities. Choose any monologue you want and stress the literary terms.
  • What are the differences between Romeo’s thoughts and attempts of suicide? One was obviously a decision of a coward, the other one was a brave act. What distinguishes those?
  • Is Romeo’s love for Juliet true? Or was it too quick?
  • The universal concept of rebellious love. There are so many stories of teenage, taboo, rebellious love. Which characteristics could you define from Romeo and Juliet that qualify it for this?
  • Who is “the bad guy” here? In other words, who is to blame for all of this? Was it the decision of two people to kill themselves and can you blame them? Or was it about their families?
  • What is the right way to raise your children? Parenting styles mean a lot in this play. Analyze those and decide what the positive and the negative aspects of each were.

There are plenty of Romeo and Juliet papers assigned in the UK. Best essays at I Buy Essay on the subject always have three things: they discuss literary devices, they are really deep and they present an author’s point of view. To make your paper score high, you have to make sure your work touches upon all of these.

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