Five Secrets of Composing a Strong 500 Word Essay in No Time

Not every student is a natural essay writer and can quickly compose a 500-word paper without any problems. However, in school, you’ll be assigned to complete such tasks. In order to write a decent paper within a short period of time, you should follow a few important steps.

How to Write UK Essays Quickly and Effectively

  • Think about your topic carefully.
  • Your teacher is likely to provide you with a particular topic to discuss in your paper. Think about your position on the given topic and come up with at least three points in support of this position. You don’t have to have factual evidence for your arguments. Just make sure they sound persuasive enough.

  • Write an introduction.
  • In the first paragraph of your essay, present your topic of discussion. Then, clearly state your position on the issue and briefly list your main arguments. It’s also advisable to start your paper with an interesting hook related to your topic but you might not always be able to come up with it in the given circumstances.

  • Write a body.
  • The body of your paper should include at least three paragraphs which should elaborate on the points listed in the introduction. Start a paragraph with a topic sentence, then interpret the meaning of the presented point, and lastly, explain why this point is valid. Make smooth transitions between the body paragraphs so that the reader clearly sees how all the points are related to both your main idea and each other.

  • Write a conclusion.
  • In the last paragraph of your essay, you should remind the readers about your position on the topic under review and restate all your points. Finish your paper with a thought-provoking sentence based on the presented information.

  • Proofread your essay.
  • Once you’ve written all the sections of your paper, you should quickly revise it. If you spot any mistakes, you should correct them. If some sentences sound awkward or unclear, you should rewrite them in a clearer or stronger manner.

How to Find the Best Essay Writing Service

You won’t always have to write your academic papers within an hour. If you have several days before the submission, you can hire an online service to write a paper for you. This way, you’ll be very likely to earn an excellent grade for your task. However, it’s important to find a really trustworthy and competent agency for hire. During your search, follow these tips:

  • Pay attention to the website of an agency. The website of a reputable writing company should be well-designed and good looking. Only amateurs and fraudsters might have websites that look cheap, shabby, or unfinished. Send questions to customer support of an agency.
  • A competent service should maintain day-and-night client support, so all your questions should be answered quickly, directly, and clearly. If you get a vague answer with a long delay, you’re likely to have contacted amateurs.
  • Ask about the writers of an agency. A reliable online company should have only educated professionals in their team of writers. On your request, an honest service will show you the resumes of their employees. If a company hides this sort of information from its customers, its writers are likely to be amateurs.
  • Learn about the assurances of an agency. Professional and trustworthy essay writing services always offer strong guarantees to all their customers. If you don’t get assurances when making a deal with a company, you might get low-quality services and won’t have an opportunity to demand a refund.

Now, you know which steps to follow to write a successful 500-word essay in a short period of time. Use this knowledge to get only excellent grades for your writing tasks.

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