Creating A Powerful Essay About Alcohol Ban

The alcohol ban is always an interesting and popular topic, and it is very common for teachers and professors to expect a good and informative essay for it. Students can have some obstacles when writing, since there are many things which can be mentioned, and it is hard to keep the main idea, so you don’t miss the topic. In order to write a powerful essay on about alcohol ban, you should keep some things in mind and inform yourself. We have tips for you which can help you with your assignment, and we guarantee a good grade!

  1. The introduction
  2. The key to a successful essay on any topic is to make an excellent and attractive introduction. Those sentences are the first to read and they have to keep the reader interested. When it comes to the alcohol ban topic, you can write about alcohol in general and how people are attracted to it. You can also mention that it is dangerous, but don’t go too much into detail.

  3. The main part
  4. The main part of your essay is the most important of course. You should discuss the topic and go into detail. You can mention what the causes of drinking alcohol are, and you can show some statistics here. Mention the deaths and diseases caused by alcohol. Talk about how it affects the everyday life, relationships, friendships, parenthood…Talk about alcoholism and addictions. To sum it up, you can talk about all the bad sides of it in order to come to the conclusion that alcohol should be banned.

    You can talk about how it would change many parts of our lives if it would be banned, and how the world would change in general. Talk about all the benefits of banning alcohol. After that, you can also write down the reasons why it probably won’t be banned, since this step was taken before too, and it didn’t really work out. There were also several attempts to stop selling it but it was also worthless. Talk about all the problems and possible solutions to it. Maybe you have your own idea of changing things and an innovation in order to make a difference. This is the part where you can tell your personal opinion and explain your ideas.

  5. Conclusion
  6. The conclusion should really affect the reader in a special way, where he will be amazed by your way of thinking, and he won’t be able to forget your essay very soon. Conclude the whole story! Tell your opinion based on the facts and try to close the story, so that the reader won’t feel like you had something else to say. Nobody likes unfinished business. You can talk about how alcohol probably won’t be banned, and that there can be other solutions to help reduce the side-effects of it. Don’t make the conclusion too long, but don’t make it too short either. It is important that the reader gets your point.

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